A Valentine’s Day Poem





This once-a-year day of love and devotion,
This red and chocolate explosion
It’s a little skimpy if you ask.
A single day and on the next,
it’s back to dreary February gray
But on this day,
Red rules as if it’s the blood spurted from a quickened heart
pierced with Cupid’s arrow,
to pour over the world like flags on the Fourth.
And those molded chocolate hearts?
They’re usually not the good lush dark chocolate I love,
But are paled with milk and covered with red and pink shiny foil,
presented in satiny yet sad cardboard boxes.

Or the claret-colored roses elegant and long-stemmed,
Arriving in cellophane and ribbon.
But I have always preferred pastel-tinted tea roses, myself.
Not that anyone is asking.

Mind you, I like the idea of devoting a day to love,
But imagine if we made real efforts to love each other every day?
And what about those left lonely and unloved
while the rest of the world is dopey on a sugar high?
Valentine’s Day. It’s a skimpy day for sure.

– Jenny Pivor

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