“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.” – Cecil B. DeMille

A photo-based artist, Jenny Pivor comes to photography from a background in graphic and web design as well as painting. She is passionate about her love of digital art and photography and creates various themes, interpreting her feelings about jazz, the natural world, the state of the world, and relatable moments. Her composite, digital art is created by blending disparate images shot at different places and times revealing a new statement, more robust and different than either of the originals on their own. Her line of prints is available here. A past art teacher and graphic designer, she has owned her own clothing design and self-publishing companies. Jenny has exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally.

Every day is an opportunity to create and perhaps her work will touch something in you. 

For Inquiries, please contact Jenny. She looks forward to meeting you!

Jenny is also an author who to date has written four novels, including OMG, a Boston-based tech thriller.
Want to read one of her books?
OMG is available on Amazon
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Fabric Design by Jenny Pivor