But there is another kind of solitude. Everyone is born and dies alone, and in the meantime, there can be plenty of alone time. Some can feel good, but often, if we are feeling the lack of company, or FOMO (fear of missing out), not so much. When what fills our lives is unbalanced, with that alone time becoming too large, the world can feel like a very sad and empty place.

Four years after creating this video, I am still confused about art, alternating between creating abstract digital art, photography, and painting. Still, I find a lot of truth in this video and am reposting it, in the hope that it may be helpful to others, intimidated by the dogma of their art professors. Please explore my current art and let me know if you relate! http://jennypivorfineart.com/projects

Now many years after art school, I returned to painting, overcoming a bad teacher’s mark on my creative process. Join this episode of Jenny’s Muse shot in the SATV studio with special guest, Mr. Darcy, who died in June of 2023.