Looking for a gallery was my next challenge. My artwork, like me, can’t be easily categorized, and sometimes people don’t know what to make of it. Is it photography? Photography purists say no. I even had one influential curator in Boston suggest that I was merely using filters. Wrong. Living in what appears to be the plein air capital of the world, understandably, a lot of New England galleries want to show what sells here which are abstracted or traditional landscapes, or pure abstracts. I am interested in images that are abstracted yet have subject matter, but mostly still have a street photographer’s eye for the human condition. I was happy when Michael Naimo, an Ipswich photographer and gallery owner, who had already printed some of my images, invited me to have a show.

This show features images that I have combined from my archive, making something totally new, some painted into or collaged. Come connect and see the results.