A Valentine’s Day Poem

This once-a-year day of love and devotion,
This red and chocolate explosion
It’s a little skimpy if you ask.

Mission Impossible? Four Words That Keep Me on Track

  The technique I use for achieving my goals isn’t original, but it’s so useful for structuring my time, prioritizing what is important, and honing in on my goals, that I thought it was worth sharing. The technique is simply having a personal Mission Statement, an uncomplicated idea that comes directly from Seven Habits of […]

Instead of Resolutions, A New Year Reset

I wasn’t born a list-maker, but this super-power of mine was born on the day when I almost got fired from my first job. I was fresh out of college and since then, Halleluiah. I saw the light and learned the power of breaking down tasks into action items. It’s served me well and this is the time of year when I don’t make resolutions but review my goals.

Profiles in Solitude

But there is another kind of solitude. Everyone is born and dies alone, and in the meantime, there can be plenty of alone time. Some can feel good, but often, if we are feeling the lack of company, or FOMO (fear of missing out), not so much. When what fills our lives is unbalanced, with that alone time becoming too large, the world can feel like a very sad and empty place.