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Elevate your space with affordable, dramatic, and perfectly sized composite photo images that you will enjoy and leave you feeling inspired every day. These selected images are offered at one size, mounted on Gator Board, ready to hand mounted on your wall, with FREE SHIPPING. Other sizes, printing, and framing options are available upon request with a personal consultation to find the best solution for you.


Lunching Solo

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This digitally created image was taken from one of my photos taken of a woman having lunch at a diner and adapted digitally into more of a cubist style. I love observing people in their own moments of aloneness and contemplation. This woman appears forlorn to me, but perhaps I got it wrong. Still, we all have moments like this. At least I do, I perhaps you relate as well.

All images can be ordered as prints, offered here at 18 x 24, mounted on Gator Board, and ready to hang, with other sizes and framing options available by request. Free Shipping on 18 x 24 or smaller.

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